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One on One Instruction

Spend an hour or two with you, your camera, your questions, and one of our highly skilled professional photographers. From preparing for a big trip, to zeroing in on your specific lighting issue, to figuring out how to catalog and manage your image library this 1-on-1 instruction is a great place to find answers to those and other questions.

Reserve Now


  • You're frustrated with your camera and not getting the images you want out of it;   
  • you've never taken a class before and want a gentle introduction;
  • you have a complex photography question you want to go through with someone piece by piece;
  • you prefer 1-on-1 to group learning environments.


To be discussed with your instructor, but typically this includes

  • Your camera, fully charged battery and memory card (instruction manual can be helpful)
  • Or, your laptop with power cable
  • Any accessories (flashes, lenses, filters) you wish to review in your time with the instructor

Once you've purchased your time the instructor will call you to setup a date and time to meet at Tuttle Cameras in Long Beach.

If you prefer to meet at your home please buy 2-hours and note that instructor's travel time to and from your location will be deducted from the 2-hours purchased.

Call the store with any questions: (562) 424-8633.