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What you should know

  • All levels welcome
  • You should take this class if: You have a Canon DSLR and you want to get better flash images.
  • What to bring: Your camera, memory card, and a charged battery

Lance Folden - Instructor

Lance has spent many years in the field of photography, starting when he was in high school. His father was a freelance photographer, so he had access to a lot of cameras and lenses, as well as a darkroom in the garage. He started managing camera stores in 1987, and continued to do so until 2004. That is when he got this job at Marketstar. 

Now he travels around the world teaching about the Canon EOS systems at workshops and events.  Although he has always considered himself primarily a sports photographer, working with Canon in various workshops and environments he has a great appreciation of other fields of photography such Macro, Wildlife, and Portraits.