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Lomo Chrome Purple XR 100-400 110 Film

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Trailblazers in the Analogue Renaissance
Lomography is currently the sole producer of 110 format film. Responding to the growing hunger for more formats and more experimental films, we’ve released the new, unrivalled emulsion of our LomoChrome Purple on 110 film. Designed to encourage maximum creativity, this far out formula forces you to think outside the box, turning blues to greens, greens to purples and yellows to pinks, all while maintaining those rich red tones.

Adios to Fake Filters
The sensitivity of the film is ISO 400 (27°). However, its high flexibility in terms of light sensitivity also allows you to set your camera to ISO 200 (24°) and ISO 100 (21°). This gives you more options for experimentation in different lighting conditions. Green tones will become a shiny purple when you use an ISO 100 setting, but with an ISO 400 setting greens will instead become a darker indigo. This gives you the opportunity to create everything from soft lavender hues to the most vibrant violets.

Purple Come Rain or Shine
Along with creating dazzling colors, the new formula produces dynamic photos with superior sharpness — and now with even finer grain than ever before! This new film also allows you to shoot in any weather condition and achieves beautiful effects without using any special filters. So pick up your camera and explore the rainbow!

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