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Specialist R19RGB 19" LED Ringlight

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A large ringlight for cameras and smartphones featuring 360 colors, adjustable brightness & saturation, bi-color mode, and special effects.

The ProMaster Specialist R19RGB light has all of the benefits of a ringlight: reducing shadows and producing soft illumination and pleasing round catchlights in your subject's eyes. This 19-inch ringlight has an output power of 1,050 lux at 3', and its 120-degree beam angle spreads the light over a broad area. In bi-color mode, the color temperature of this light is adjustable from a warm 3200K to a cool 5600K. The Specialist R19RGB boasts CRI and TLCI ratings of 98+, ensuring accurate color rendition for attaining natural-looking skin tones. 360 distinct hues are available in RGB mode; once a color is selected, you can adjust saturation and brightness to dial in the perfect look. Ten different special effects open up possibilities for creative video work, and videographers can adjust each of those effects for brightness, saturation, and speed. 

An included wireless remote provides access to all of the light's modes and controls and has an easy-to-read LCD. The remote supports 100 channels for controlling multiple lights with individualized settings. A master channel enables you to set all connected lights to the same parameters.

The kit includes a long AC cable, and the light can also be powered wirelessly with two optional NP-F type batteries (sold separately). A heavy-duty adjustable camera bracket makes it easy to securely position a DSLR or mirrorless camera in the light's center. Content creators can mount smartphones on the bracket or on one of five cold shoes with the included phone clamp. An integrated USB-A port means you can charge your smartphone while using it with the Specialist R19RGB. The kit also includes a fabric storage bag and two handles that you can install on the back of the light to aid in movement and positioning.

Key Features:

  • Large 19" diameter
  • Super high-quality light rated at CRI & TLCI 98+
  • RGB mode with 360 colors (hues), saturation control, and brightness control
  • Bi-color mode with a range of 3,200 to 5,600K
  • 10 Special Effects: paparazzi, fireworks, faulty bulb, lightning flash, TV, alarm lamp, color circulation, SOS, KTV, and fire
  • Center mounting camera bracket included
  • Phone mount included
  • Runs on AC power or can be powered by two NP-F type batteries (not included)
  • Wireless remote control included


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